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Re: Indonesia Struck by Earthquake, Tsunami, & Volcanic Eruption

No new emergency, but eruptions continue at Mt. Merapi in Indonesia. NASA Earth Observatory posted this as their Image of the Day, captured by the MODIS instrument on NASA's Terra satellite:

(Click on image to enlarge)

Though still erupting and dangerous on November 10, the eruption was quieter than it had been the previous week. The ash plume caused flight cancellations in both Jakarta and Yogyakarta, reported CNN. As of November 10, the eruption had killed at least 156 and displaced about 200,000.

Note: For those of you who say you don't understand what Twitter is good for, this is one of the things it's good for. NASA EO posts links to satellite imagery like this all the time. There had been other recent shots of this area (see "View all images of this event" link at lower right of the NASA page) but heavy cloud cover over Indonesia made it so that Merapi's ash plume didn't stand out nearly so well as it does in this pic.
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