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Re: The Big Bang Theory

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. . . even close to something like How I Met Your Mother.
And we fans of TBBT thank God for that.
Actually, I'd put them on about the same level. They're the only two traditional sitcoms I watch and I think they're both torn between the fact that they have some truly original ideas but are committed to following sitcom conventions. That's why they're both standout sitcoms but fall short of greatness and occasionally dissolve into really bad cliches. Yes, I take television too seriously.
I wanted to like HIMYM really badly, but it just wasn't working for me. I rented the DVDs and started watching and I just wasn't laughing, except when Neil Patrick Harris was on the screen. He was hilarious, but he alone was not enough to make me continue on with the show. I actually really really like the other actors on the show but their characters are not at all likeable or funny to me, it was sad.

I have steered clear of comedies for the past several years because they just aren't funny, they are so typical and cheesy. The only exceptions have been Arrested Development, Big Bang Theory, and now Modern Family. Modern Family airs Wednesday and Big Bang Theory on Thursday, so we save them to watch together on Friday and it's like the perfect comedy block for us.
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