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Re: JMS Quits Superman & Wonder Woman

About the comic move....

I hate to say it but I am relieved. I still think the "Grounded" concept is a good one, but it should've lasted about 5-6 issues, not a whole year. I thought it had the potential to get Superman back down to Earth, interacting with regular people, being 'super' in a different way. That it could lead to some interesting social commentary. I don't think it achieved that. That being said, I'm still interested in reading Earth One.

As for Wonder Woman, I think JMS has a better grasp on Superman. His Wonder Woman idea just showed how little he got the character. I know its been tough for many writers to 'get' her, but JMS just seemed to destroy WW's world just do to do it, without giving us any new insights into Diana's character or a fresh intrepretation of her world to replace the one he destroyed.

I liked JMS's Supreme Power and was hoping he could work similar magic with Superman and Wonder Woman. It's a shame he couldn't, but I am glad that either he or DC decided to shift him to the Earth One sequel instead of keeping him on both books.
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