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Re: JMS Quits Superman & Wonder Woman

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^Once again for those too slow to grasp what I am saying here. Larry WAS on the payroll, which is how he got my friend onto the set. The source of wherever the info said he wasn't is in error. And I NEVER said that JMS committed any "acts of theft or plagiarism".
Saying that other people wrote Babylon 5's teleplays based upon story notes from JMS but that those staffers were denied a "Teleplay by" credit is the same thing as accusing JMS of plagiarism.

In real life, the situation you describe would warrant JMS getting a "Story by" credit and the staff writer in question getting a "Teleplay by" credit.

That is all on you guys. What I said is that JMS did write the broad strokes, which were all the major story beats, which is why he got the writers' credit. But he had a whole staff of writers who worked on the scripts to flesh out the ideas he didn't. Which is a very common practice in television and film. There are often writers who go uncredited.
Actually, it's far more common for the executive producer/head writer to do an uncredited re-write on a staffer's or freelancer's script and voluntarily forgo a "Written by" or "Teleplay by" credit, so as to allow the full residual to go to the staffer or freelancer. Many executive producers do this since they get a large residual just from being the executive producer anyways.
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