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Re: JMS Quits Superman & Wonder Woman

I am merely stating that the new writers on Wonder Woman and Superman working from story notes was very much like the writing environment JMS had on B5. He does the big broad strokes, others do the minutiae.

Others on this thread feel the need to disprove what I know to be true. And they tried saying that Larry left the show after Season 1 to back up their assumptions. Wherever they got their facts from, it certainly wasn't directly from the source as I have. But I just sent an e-mail to my friend that now lives in Utah and asked that he scan and post his pictures from his trip. He is an elementary school teacher and has a long-time aversion to computers and even video games (since he always sucked at them), so I have no idea when he will read it and respond. He may not even have a scanner though, as the subject has never popped up in our conversations. He always seems to keep very busy and doesn't waste his time on the internet like I do. And, unfortunately, I lost touch with Larry shortly after B5 ended and don't have his current contact information. But my friend Zoran still may have it. I will have to ask him when I hear from him.
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