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Re: JMS Quits Superman & Wonder Woman

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I'll agree that the villain Tyrell was pretty boring and did nothing to me, we saw too little though of Lois and Jimmy for them to really make an impression. I hope we get Lex in the next one.
From what JMS has been posting on facebook, no, Lex won't show up in volume 2 but he does have a long term plan for how he will be introduced.

Tyrell and his race was I think the only thing about the GN that really bothered me. Not so concerned about the character himself since his only purpose was to help set-up the planetary assassination plot, but the idea that Krypton had a sister planet inhabited by their mortal enemies felt like slightly too much of a departure to me.

I mean if they were actually some break-away Kryptonian colony then I'd be OK with it, but a different race? I don't know. It doesn't sit right.

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as well as me hearing about it from Larry DiTillio. So I got my info from first-hand witnesses.
Larry DiTillio's B5 contract was not renewed after the end of season 2. He wasn't involved in the later years at all.
Indeed. Without any proof I'm calling bullshit on this. Claiming JMS basically slapped his name on other peoples' screenplays from what amounts to 90 odd episodes of television is a very serious and implausible accusation. Especially since this latest development has him taking a 75% pay cut.

As for those not liking his new storylines; you did read the part where those stories will be finished as he intended? The only thing he's not going to be doing is writing the actual scripts. The stories will still be his.
Mind you, in all honesty I think I'd rather have it that ways as, being a B5 fan I think I'm a little too familiar with his writing "voice" and certain familiar phrases, turns of speech and motifs rather jump out at me when I read is non-B5 work. For example, it felt a little odd hearing Angelina Jolie quoting John Sheridan.

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