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Re: JMS Quits Superman & Wonder Woman

If I may,

I had great hope upon hearing that JMS was "re-imagining" Superman and Wonder Woman. I bought into the hype and I am not a fan of B5.
I was interested in the "walkabout" Superman and the WW changes.
Alas, I was let down in a very big way.
Superman Earth One had some interesting images and the younger Clark\Superman was kinda cool, BUT it felt a bit ... I don't know... clunky - for lack of a better term.
The villain was forgettable even though the new origin about the destruction of Krypton was kind of "okay".
After I read it I just felt kinda ... "meh". I wish I had my money back.
So maybe now someone could get their head outta their hiney and make Superman the awe inspiring leader and hero he can be. (not to mention doing the same for Wondy too!)
Of course there are so many cynical, hard core, badass wannabe readers out there. They wouldn't give Supes a chance unless he grew claws and slaughtered bad guys with them and used his head vision to cook them up and then devoured said bad guys! (with some fava beans and
He'd hafta be covered in tats and listen to death core metal, y'know the sane and mature stuff!
Bye Bye JMS! Hopefully never to return! (jus' sayin')
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