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JMS Quits Superman & Wonder Woman

Now I'm a huge JMS fan, B5 is my all time favorite series, but I definitely wasn't enjoying his interpretations of Supes and WW. So I'm happy that he's off both books.

I particularly took issue with his Superman run. He abandons his wife and Metropolis and the Justice League just to pull a Forrest Gump? This to me is against what Superman stands for, boundless optimism and leadership. Not to mention the fact that each issue was just a little standalone story usually lacking any kind of super villain. And that this was the only mag he was appearing in.

They said it's because he's taking a sabbatical and focusing on the Earth One sequel... but I recall reading back in the day that JMS writes every single day of his life no matter how sick or busy he is. Not to mention the fact that he just started on these damn books and before this was only doing, what, Brave & Bold?

I wonder if DC pulled him off these two books due to the critical reaction. I know they weren't popular here. Anybody have info on the sales for these two books?
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