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Re: What games are you playing currently?

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Been playing some Halo 2 (PC) - it's not the worst console-to-PC port I've ever played, but it's close.

God-awful. Oh well, at least my Halo collection is now complete - every Halo on every platform.
To this day I've only played Halo 1, since it's the only one that came out for Mac (do you have that version?).

I've been thinking about getting Halo 2 for PC and running it in Boot Camp. What exactly is wrong with the port?
Damn you for reminding me of Halo 1 for Mac, now I'll have to buy that as well even though I don't own any Apple products

Well, as for what's wrong with the port... oh boy. Where do I start?

- Gamepad users automatically get a certain amount of auto-aim
- Mouse/Keyboard users are unable to comfortably increase mouse sensitivity (even the highest setting feels way too low if you want to play hi-sense)
- In-game menus keep prompting you to press the "A" or "B" Xbox controller buttons
- Framerate issues keep cropping up even on powerful systems

And don't get me started on Games for Windows LIVE/Xbox LIVE integration (though to be fair, strictly speaking that's not a console-to-PC port issue).
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