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Re: The Long, Twilight Duet.

Gul Re'jal wrote: View Post
Awwwww, I already like Gorr Lekat

On Brenok's ear, how do you read that: Stwvick? St... stw-vick...
Yeah, even though the Cardassians are going to be complete SOB in this universe, I can't resist having a few lovable sons and daughters of Cardassia around. You'll see some more as we go on although they'll be lots more like the charming Jasad alas.

As for Stwvick? I'm imagining his name been hissed very quickly for some reason with perhaps a sibilant emphasis on the s. Ssstwvick for example. Mind you I'm not very good at creating languages so I'm still not certain how Keevician who sound.

I'm going to keep our worthy warlord around for a while as I have plans for him...

I think that even in the oppressive world of the Grand Union Fleet there is still a remnant of the old spirituality of the Cardassians and since Evek is a Hero of the Union, his works would be circulated far and wide. Its just that most of Dukat's ilk are philistines when it comes to art and unfortunately they dominate the military.

Once again my thanks for reading.
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