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Re: Minecraft

Thanks, froot! If anyone would like, I could make an up-to-date (and less haphazard) version and post it here. It's designed for HD monitors. I play Minecraft in 1080p on one, then have the chart in 1080p on the other. If there is any interest I could put a bit of work into it.

Anyway, last night I continued with my "dirt clearing" strategy. It expanded my underground cave complex substantially--wound up connecting to several other cave systems. I cleared them out of dirt and resources and in a couple spots found I was near the surface, so I went ahead and dug my way out and set up some obvious entrance/exit points. I've now got three entryways fairly close together, but they lead to different parts of the cave system. They're connected to my spawn base via a lengthy underground tunnel. I need to make up a bunch of signs for navigating inside the complex, as it is easy to get lost. I intend to eventually clean up the complex and turn it into a series of rooms rather than just a bunch of crazy caves. Already did one room, probably a few hundred to go. At least I'll have an ample supply of cobblestone and gravel to work with.

I also built a house out of wood and tried to make it look nice. I managed to make a chandelier (fence posts, wood, and torches, suspended from the ceiling.)

After I got done with that I went exploring, found some new areas and some pumpkins. I took pictures of what I was doing so I might post those later.

Once I have my stuff in a more refined state maybe I'll record a video tour.
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