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Re: The Long, Twilight Duet.

He raised his left primary arm in glorious victory, his heifth dripping with the accursed blood of his foul enemies.

“My proud and noble Keevician Warriors. Today is a day of destiny, a day in which our final victory over our eternal foes is begun. We have taken the city of Tekhum from the Kingdom and stand posed to inflict a final defeat on that inbred fool and his minions. This day is your day sons of Keevir, Victory is ours!”

As the vast army assembled below him cheered in ecstatic delight raising their bloody weapons on high, warlord Stwvick glanced around the battered cityscape. A great victory perhaps, but one that has cost us all too dearly, Success like this could ruin us...

The siege has lasted for twenty circles and had resulted in thousands of deaths along with the massacre of most civilians leaving the once beautiful city a smoking wreck. Fortunately the main port was captured intact and the warfleet was even now on its way. The city would be a gateway to the heartland of the Kingdom of Veroum and the abject conquest of this whole land to the mighty Keevic League and its vassals...

A loud screech rent the very air causing all who heard it to filch in pain. Only the Warlord himself mustered up the fortitude and wherewithal to look up and try and track the source of such demonic noise. That was when he saw it, the beast that would spell the doom of his age.
It was huge, easily larger that the most impressive galley, resembling nothing more than one of the dangerous predators of the deep. The bronzed skin seemed to shine with a deadly intensity and it moved with a speed and grace that none had ever seen before.

An army of once fearsome soldiery that had just this very day slain their way into the fortress with much bloodshed and terror was now reduced to the frightened panic of cowering children at the mere slight. Several archers finally had the presence of mind to fire a round at the hovering demon but had no effect upon it.

It seemed to hang suspended in the heavens for a lifetime before shooting towards the distant stars at intimidating speeds.
Warlord Stwvick had recovered enough from the terrifying shock to wonder just what that...thing was. He decided that it must have been a delusion brought on by the aftermath of a chaotic battle. He made a mental note to punish his soldiers for the unmitigated panic and foolish reactions to a mere phantom and stove to dismiss the terrifying sight from his mind.

Sadly for that most noble of warriors, it was only the start of what would ultimately led to his final destruction at the hands of a far more cruel foe that the ones that he had bested this day.

In orbit

Gul Jasad of the Second order awaited the reports from the preliminary scouts with barely veiled impatience. He forced himself to refrain from pacing the deck, an action that would have given the crew some hint of their Gul’s irritancy, which would NOT do of course as a good Cardassian remains aloof and disciplined no matter what happens. Still, it was rather vexing to have to react to that pompous arse Dukat again. Bad enough that his squadron was ordered to remain just outside the Bajor system, at the beck and call of the former prefect on the chance that he screwed up again with those bajoran animals, worst now that in this new galaxy (wherever it was) he was under orders from that cretin.

The delay was not helping the good Gul’s temper. How long does it take to survey one primitive world? Has the whole damnable Grand Fleet gone slack on me? We are Cardassians not incompetent Ferengi scavengers by Akleen’s neck!

Jasad’s internal ranting was interrupted by his comm officer. “We have received the reports from our scouts.” The Gul leapt up from his command chair and stalked over to the younger officer. “Good news I hope?” barked Jasad, unwilling to wait any longer due to feeble minded procrastination on the part of his worthless ‘comrades’.

The Gorr manning the communication station almost filched at the unbridled aggression of his commander, only restraining from doing so at the thought of Jasad’s already legendary temper exploding in his direction.

“Yes, sir, the, um, scouts have overflown all key urban centres and otherwise large concentrations of lifeforms and have discovered several areas where a judicial use of force might, er, help to expedite the initial conquest.”

The Gorr’s soft Lakarian accent proved to be most beneficial in conveying the required information to the perpetually angry Gul, even if it was grating to his ears. Jasad stared silently at the uncomfortable young man for several seconds before slowly and quietly thanking him for delivering such good news. The tone was such that it sounded more like a death sentence rather than a Gul acknowledging his subordinates efforts.

Gorr Lekat almost collapsed into his chair desperately trying to conceal his nervous exhaustion from the rest of the bridge as Gul Jasdad made his way back to the command throne. The young Lakarian knew that he was not cut out for the military life and had in fact been working towards a career as a Inquisitor of Union literature when his conscription period had come up. The ethos of the Grand Union fleet and the missions that the ships of the Empire would perform where repellent to the sensitive Cardassian, not that he could admit so to nay of his crewmates as bullying and causal intimidation remained rife on this particular vessel.

At least Gul Evek’s poetry goes some way towards making this manageable, sighed the miserable young solider before his train of thought was interrupted by his loathsome superior.

“Prep the assault squads for combat and designate the landing zones, I want this planet of weaklings to be serving the Union by the end of its first rotation. And in case they foolishly resist our might we shall lock all weapons on their largest city and liquidate it. “

Gul Jasad slammed his fist against his left shoulder followed suit by the whole bridge. They roared as one:

“For the Union. For Cardassia!”
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