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Re: Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game Review thread

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Bashir shooting and murdering unarmed beings is wholly out of character.

Putting his weapon on the 'stun' setting was too much trouble for him? He had to expend too much effort? Also, he killed during his endgame, so the victims waking up and alerting the authorities was not a concern.
His actions robbed his victims of the chace of being saved/saving themselves - for no reason at all.

Bashir's murders have a gratuitous quality to them that completely contradicts his character as established in the series.
His actions are at exactly the same level as Section 31's: making 'tough decisions' just because one can, not because these decisions are necessary. By his killing, Bashir completely sabotaged his position towards S31, as established during DS9's run.
Do we even know if the stun setting would have worked?
Actually, we do know this.

In this very book it is established that a breen weapon on stun will incapacitate breen soldiers in their suit.
I'm referring to how Sarina incapacitated the guards from the torture chamber by using the stun setting on a breen weapon.

Ironically, Sarina, the S31 agent, acted far more humanely than Bashir, the person who, supposedly, is fully opposed to the ruthless ways of this S31.

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Or perhaps the writers are showing just how people get led down such a treacherous road to begin with? Did you consider that?

The road to hell, after all, is paved with very good intentions.
Bashir went from ~'amoral methods must not be used under any circumstances whatsoever' to gratuitously killing unarmed scientists.

He went from an extreme to the other with little or no transition, for no believable reason.

This "showing just how people get led down such a treacherous road to begin with" was poorly done.
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