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I ended up making a diagram and using it as my desktop wallpaper on my second monitor so I can see what the recipes are as I'm playing. I don't have them all memorized yet.
That, sir, is a brilliant idea. I don't like leaving Minepedia up constantly because its white background makes windowed Minecraft all the harder to see when I'm somewhere dark

That's rotten you lost some of your stuff to fire, btw At least they weren't smart enough to dig for the buried treasure! Also, even though they're clearly total jerks, Red Faction Miners is a clever name. When I first heard about Minecraft, the first thing that honestly came to my mind was "I CAN DIG HOLES IN THE WALLS JUST LIKE RED FACTION?! I MUST BUY THIS GAME!" (Red Faction wasn't a fighting game to me; it was a hole-digging game. ) I think the second thought I had was something to do with Legos, but that's unrelated.
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