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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

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i think that approach would be better too. its not like you care to shut the blast door, your scuttling the ship.
it could be a false alarm, though.
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any mechanical device holding the pods will fail when its needed to work. I say skip the blast door and either have the pods exposed or under a membrane that will tare from pressure of the pod leaving the ship. Have the nano-bots repair the skin as needed or some such technobable.

as nice looking as doors may look, they aren't practical for a ship that people are considering escaping from. If your so hurt by damage your thinking of escaping I'm sure somethings broken that will prevent those doors from opening.

maybe just have a "zipper" line down the center of the pod bay which opens as the pods leave the ship. one zipper per pod. the zipper opens and closes under pressure from springs, etc.

Like that BMW skin car.

Which is why I suggested a thin plastic or ceramic cover last week which would allow escaping pods to punch through without resistance, yet could still be painted to match the general look of the rest of the ship. I suppose the edges could be trimmed in yellow or orange to remind EVA crews that the surface is fragile, thus justifying a hull pattern broken up in artistically pleasing ways. Indeed, the existing hatch covers are more than sufficient ... don't bother with hinges or mechanisms; when it's time to render an animated escape pod launch, just show them bursting through a particle spray of cover shards!
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