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Re: Dune Production is In Trouble

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Duncan was only a few years older than Paul in Dune. When he reappears as a ghola, he's about the same age from what I remember.
Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
Duncan is actually more like in his 30's would be my guess, and is considered one of Paul's teachers and mentors, the Duncan portrayed in the Lynch films looked like he was in his early 40's. The Ghola Duncan was of course the same age when he died on Arrakis.
I was talking about Duncan's age difference between God Emperor, Heretics & Chapterhouse. In the first I think he's about the same age he was when the original Duncan died, the next book skips a thousand or so years and has a new Idaho ghola, this time just a boy (about 10 I think) then by the next book he's something like 20.

As for the original Duncan, I think he was always a good decade or two older than Paul, who, let's remember was barley a teenager when the first book starts.

Admiral_Young wrote: View Post
^There's a joke among Dune fans that the 'found Frank notes in a vault' story is a made up thing and they made most of the stuff up.
I don't doubt they did follow his notes, they just aren't any near as good at actually writing as Frank was. Just like an excellent script can be utterly destroyed by a hack director, the best story notes in the world can't write themselves into even a "good" novel.
One of the best things about Frank for me wasn't so much what he did write about as what he didn't. He may have worked everything out in painstaking detail but that didn't mean he had to spell out every last step. Had he written the last book himself, it wouldn't have been half the length of either of those two wastes of good paper. He respected his readers enough to let them think for themselves and could deftly cover in a single paragraph what it takes his son and Anderson about three chapters to plod though.

I'm not sure how much of that is lack of talent, but I rather suspect it had more to do with padding it out to wring as many books as they could out of the franchise.

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I'm in the middle of reading Brian Herbert's sequel to Chapterhouse, which describes the process of growing gholas as a traditional 9 month coming to term of a baby, without any accelerated growth afterward. And it's not a matter of lost Tleilaxu of the Scattering forgetting advances in cloning technology, considering Scytale, the last original Master, utilizes the same methods. Aside from the ability to birth one baby after another, the whole thing almost defeats the purpose of Axlotl tanks, as I thought the mutated "mounds of flesh" women would've been able to birth full grown men. Makes me wonder how closely they actually followed Frank's notes.
It's been a while since I've read any of them but I'm pretty sure the BG intentionally only grew the Duncans (and later, Teg) to a "natural" term. They didn't want fully grown and awakened Gholas, they wanted children they could raise and assure control over. It stands to reason that the same would hold true on the no-ship.
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