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Horta Burger
Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

This show is definitely interesting, if for no other reason than it is very different for TV . In terms of effective scenes, what stand out are:

(1) The tank scene at the end of Episode 1. Crawling under the tank seemed hopeless, then the sudden transition to the pristine interior of the tank, the close-in zombie shot, the resulting noise dislocation, then the shot of ant-like zombies around the tank from above. Visually, that was just a very well-done sequence. Very sensory.

(2) The father and son in Episode One, culminating in his inability to shoot the zombie of his wife. It was somewhat cliched but effective.

(3) Yeah, the guts-smearing thing. You just don't expect to see that on TV.

I'm curious whether they can keep this going given the one-dimensional nature of zombies, but it's surprisingly effective so far.
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