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Re: DEXTER Season 5 Discussion & Spoilers

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I'm having trouble buying Lumen's decision to keep going after the men who tortured her even though all of them would, as Dexter said, end up executed, or at least imprisoned for the rest of their lives anyway. In theory it makes sense considering what she's been through, but I don't think Stiles was able to get across the emotional nuances of making that choice needed to make it believable.
Yeah I'm not really buying it either. Stiles is perfectly believable and sympathetic as a rape victim, but taking that extra step to being a crazed and obsessed vigilante just doesn't seem like something she could ever be capable of.

But to be fair, it would be hard for a LOT of actresses to pull that off. You'd almost need someone who already has quite a bit of an edge to her, like a Michelle Rodriguez.
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