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Re: If you were creating a TOS Prequel, how would you do it?

I was also thinking about what made Battlestar Galactica exciting to watch.
It think I would have to add high speed rail guns with a twist. I was dreaming this up last night...that perhaps the Rail guns could get so fast that the ship had to fire it's main engines as retro fire. Or that not firing your main engines would allow for dramatic maneuvers when the Rail gun fires. However this means that the BSG slow moving look of the Rail guns is would look like machine gun fire with much larger salvos.

Of course that adds some interesting factors like Fuel becomes a battle concern, ammo and the weapon might be a mid range tactic while the torpedo missiles would be long range and lasers would be close range.

I also suggest a heavy use of robots for exploration

I'd like the crew as follows

Captain David Akira
Human: Male: American Chinese: Age 36
Note: I chose Akira to give the class ship in the 24th true meaning by making David Akira one of Earth's legends. I think with the Post Atomic Horror that he has an interesting perspective on the war that was fought 100 years.

XO: Xavier Diaz
Human: Chilean : Age 29
Note: Unbeknown to his captain Diaz is an Augment of Super Human Strength

Chief of the Ship: Aria Lim
Human: Philippino Age 27

Communications: Christopher Arcenaeux
Human: Black : Ireland: Age 24

Helmsman/ Navigator: Desean Leonard
Human: Black: American: Age 23

Petty Officer: Cala Issa
Human: Female: Omani : Age 25

Weapons Officer: William Veazey
Human: Irish: Canadian: Age 31
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