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Sky City only had around 20 residents, most of the map survived intact or with minimal damage. On Gerp's Island (where I live) I only saw one building (a treehouse) burned down, while most of the rest of the buildings took little to no damage. People living in these areas don't want a rollback that will only benefit the "elite" that lived in the fantastical city in the sky. It's almost like a form of class warfare.

Interestingly, many people that were affected by the fire in the main settlement, or are just scared of further griefer attacks, appear to be taking part in an exodus to a location known as the Citadel. I followed the signs to it, and it's a small community around 15 minutes away from the main settlement, surrounded by walls or cliffs. I'm thinking of building a small house here myself, just for the hell of it.
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