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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

Servo wrote: View Post
One of the characters said that it was just a cloud burst, that they get them all the time, and it would pass pretty quick.
Yeah, they did justify it, but it still came off as a convenient plot device. They should have let it keep raining for a while.

USS Avenger wrote: View Post
I also noticed that one of the zombies was using a rock (or maybe a piece of broken pavement) to try to break through the glass doors of the department store. That use of a simple tool has me wondering just how intelligent these zombies are. Who knows what else they could figure out?
Yeah, I saw the tool-using Zombies as well. And some of them knew how to climb the fence. And some of the looks Rick and Glenn got in the street were really creepy, like the Zombies were really mulling them over.

Etched wrote: View Post
See the sweat that was coming off him? It wasn't from running. Any tank can get very hot just sitting there in the sun. Stay there too long without water or AC (and thats if the tank has one which I doubt) and he dies.
Okay, that makes perfect sense.
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