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Well...the original Oath forbids euthanasia (and abortion, while we're at it--but that's a controversy for another time)...and it's noted in the book that--

Of's possible that in the 24th century, like today, the original Oath has been superseded by a more "modern" paraphrase--which, frankly, is not truly a "Hippocratic Oath" at all, since it's been completely rewritten. *sigh*
indeed. you have a very good point there. guess i'm stuck in 2010. what i really cant understand is why i feel so strongly about the hippocratic oath. only doctors take it, not EMT's (EMS).

for a moment there when i read what he had done, i was afraid that he had gone too far. but if he at least tried to redeem himself, i think there is still hope for him. as my grandfather used to say when he spoke of 1956. "In wartime, good men do things they could not have even imagined during peace." (rough translation...) I never knew the story behind that statement. but it remains true until this day.
I find it extremely satisfying watching Jehovah's Witnesses through my window. After all, it takes an RFID lock, a titanium enhanced fireproof door and bullet-resistant glass to keep them out of the building.
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