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Re: Typhon Pact: Zero Sum Game Review thread

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See I found his reaction to that killing to be the most unbelievable. How many people has he seen killed infront of him during the Klingon/Dominion wars. He's always had a strong ethic but he knew the stakes of the mission and what it would take to complete.
theres a difference between watching a random guy kill someone in the heat of the battle and watching your partner kill someone during a covert mission.

one thing is certain, clandestine operations isnt his specialty.
Well...over the years, we've seen him gradually develop a toughness and "edge". While Ezri certainly had a point that maybe he's in a bit over his head--still, one could easily say that about Sarina--even without the you-know-what element. She started out even more innocent, green, and naive than Julian--years after Julian's arc started.

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^ Nevertheless, some of his dialogue made me want to strangle him.
Absolutely--but my biggest beef was, again, the paragraph where he mentally swears up and down that Sarina is his One True Love, because Only She could truly understand him, because of her own genetic enhancements.

But Rush made an interesting point about Sarina and her affiliation with Section 31. With that in mind, would she be a willing a participant in the following:

1. The creation of a phasing cloak in direct violation of a treaty that kept the peace for sixty years? Yes, although that now seems moot with the Romulans having perfected the technology themselves.
Frankly, the Treaty of Algeron was stupidly one-sided, from the beginning. What did the UFP get out of it? Oh, yes...the Romulans go isolationist temporarily, while they go perfect and enhance all their technology, and bide their time.

2. The forced relocation of the Baku? No.
Interesting note...we only have Vaughn's belief that 31 was behind it. It's worth noting that the good then-Commander didn't even address that Dougherty was acting on orders from the COUNCIL--which Riker confirmed with his "top-level review" line.

Vaughn's line that "those of us in the know know better", or words to that effect, just made me go, "Oh, really?"

My guess is that in his own obsession with taking The Bureau down...he made a similar stretch of the imagination as Julian, who claimed that 31 was responsible for the New Bejing Massacre--just because he saw a photo of Agent Cole on Dr. Lockeman's desk. (Note that Cole had seemed genuinely unsure as to whether the Bureau had even known about the planned attack.)

But in the immortal words of the Dean Of Denegration, Dennis Miller: "'Course, that's just my opinion; I could be wrong."

3. The creation of a virus designed to exterminate the Founders? Absolutely not.
I'd be more inclined to agree with that. Either she'd not go along with that...or she'd go through a LOT of denial.
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