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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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I'm waiting to see if they do anything with that one particular Zombie that got off the bus when Rick rode by. The Zombie with the black hair and black suit. When Rick jumped up to close the hatch on the top of the tank that Zombie stood out from the crowd in the way it looked at him. There was somthing there besides thoughts of food. At least IMHO.....
He just wanted his close-up. That was Charlie Aldred, the penciller of all but the first 6 issues of the series.
Thanks for the explaination. I always worry when a single zombie gets an extended close up. It's probably from watching too much Romero, but it always seems thats the one zombie who seems to find the secret way in to the survivors and winds up popping up later in the film to threaten a main character (see the Hari Krishna zombie in DotD).
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