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Re: Dune Production is In Trouble

^ This is why I hated the treatment. The writer did nothing new except combining the two characters which really makes no sense. As Skywalker indicated Duncan IS a critical and important character throughout the series, so is Gurney to both Paul and Jessica.

I too think that both of the mini-series were incredibly well done and John Harrison deserves more credit than he is given for writing and directing brilliant adaptions. I have too many problems with the Lynch version despite it being my initiation to the whole Dune universe.

A David Fincher directed, Steve Zallian adapted "Dune" movie would be epic in my opinion but it would never happen. John Harrison is the closest that we've got to getting a "God Emperor of Dune" movie. I think GEOD had it ever been made would have been one of the most ambitious and bold mini-series in history...and certinally a ratings winner for then Sci-Fi Channel. James McAvoy would have been able to sink his acting chops into some of the most beautifully written words in all of science fiction with Leto II's lamentations and internal monologues. Duncan would have been brought back. It would have been interesting to see who was cast as Leto's dear, Hwi.

My friend and I attempted a "God Emperor of Dune" adaption starting with the prologue and the finding of Leto's Stolen Journals but got about twenty pages into the project before we began faltering and realizing just how damn difficult this was going to be.
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