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Re: Back to the Future 25th Anv. Trilogy on Blu-ray Oct 2010

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The two Bobs say on one of the dvd commentaries that they don't believe in doing that, which is an unimpeachable position.
Which is fine and all, I respect that.

Ok, by saying 'but' at all it's clear that you don't respect their opinion.

They don't reject it because they think it'll be overdone. They reject it because they think any change in and of itself is sacrilegious. Forget CGI...they would similarly reject the idea of a special "director's cut" edition. They think a kid in 2015 should have the chance to see the same film that a kid in 1985 had.

So to say "I respect the fact that they want no changes but here are the changes they could do" just shows that, no, you don't actually respect their opinion.
As I said, I look at as no different than going back to TWOK and removing the support-arm for the model you can see in one of the shots. If there's a problem there that can be fixed that'd improve the movie I don't see the harm in doing it.

Or going back to other old movies and removing support wires and such. Just, overall, things that are there that "can be" corrected. I'm not saying new sequences need to be added in just that there's a few shots in the movie where the effects of the time caused problems.

The two most glaring ones for me are in the second move is that the fiberglass "landing model" has some very different features than the real DeLorean and seeing the real "drive wheels" of the hovering car during the chase of Biff's Ford. (look under the car's frame and you'll see them.)

I admire that The Bob don't want touch the movies at the same time I don't think there'd be any harm in touching some of these mistakes that can now be cleaned up. Even some of the dodgier looking model work can be cleaned up. (A shit when the DeLorean first arrives in 2015, through the windhsield, makes it look like Doc really should've crashed.) There's "Going Lucas" where you just replace anything and everything and even add in stuff that has no business being there (*cough* Han talking to a CG Jabba in ANH *cough*) and then there's just fixing mistakes that are small, but there.

If they don't want to fix them I respect that and it doesn't change my opinion of them. They're happy, fine and great. If they went and changed these things I'd be happy too. They're problems I've seen for years and I think it'd be nice to see some things cleaned up and replaced. That'd be great too.

If they go Lucas? Then I'd have a problem.
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