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Re: USS Grandeur - One... More... Time!

Bernard Guignard wrote: View Post
Now we are going to need the Hayne's Manual for her. any chance of seeing some ortho's of the latest updates?
The Commander and the gang are already working on a detailed tech manual for the Grandeur so youíll eventually get your wish on that one.

As for the orthos, probably not. I get tons of requests for particular views and wallpapers and all sorts of stuff that just takes time away from finishing the dang thing, so Iím pretty much sticking to the relevant WIP images from here on inówith one exception you should see in the near future.

Kaiser wrote: View Post
*hopes for a Plastic Model version someday*
That, too, is part of the plan. Obviously I have to finish the 3D model first but we have a very talented physical modeler who has expressed an interest in producing one.

ThunderAeroI wrote: View Post
i think that approach would be better too. its not like you care to shut the blast door, your scuttling the ship.
Not necessarily. In outer space terms, ďscuttlingĒ would be equivalent to self-destruction. Unless the ship is in danger of falling into enemy hands or damaged to the point where its going to blow up on its own, they would probably prefer to leave it as intact as possible for later recovery. Why discard the pod bay covers if you donít have to?

Instead of the hinged setup, Iíve been giving further thought to the minivan slider approach except internal rather than external. They would still have the option to simply jettison the door if it became damaged.

Again, though, Iím probably not going to worry about those kinds of hidden details until the model is otherwise finished. There are several specific uses this model is intended for and I donít think any of them involve launching the escape pods, at least not that I know of.
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