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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

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And, with the racist and the key....I really wished the guy hadn't dropped it. Easy out. I really wish the guy had said, suck it, and chucked the key. I want to see people start acting like this is a world without rules. I want to see people struggling with humanity. Basically, I felt like it was an easy out, having the key fall into a whole.
This character wasn't that type of guy, but with the comics as a roadmap, the show definitely will go there.

Snaploud wrote: View Post
Some differences from the comics:
I don't remember the zombies being able to climb fences. It also seemed to be implied that they didn't move very fast (in comparison to the half-run of some of the zombies in this episode).
Also, I think the sex (between the wife and the best friend) was just a one-time even that was revealed later in the storyline.
It's been a long time since I read the opening story arcs, so I could be wrong.
All correct. As I recall, in the comics, Lori and Shane had sex one night when both were particularly depressed, rather than the apparent ongoing situation implied by the scene in this episode. Zombies definitely couldn't climb fences

Mr. Adventure wrote: View Post
I thought it was a bit odd that they could hop the fence but couldn't figure out the ladder.
It did look like one of them had gotten its hands onto the rungs, but might not have been able to pull up due to the weight of the other zombies around it.

TheBrew wrote: View Post
Good news, Zomfans! TWD got renewed for a 2nd season!
It did? When?
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