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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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$94.85/month for triple play in Cincinnati Ohio.
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As for the cable... hey it's really the only game in town besides getting a dish
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$94.85/month for triple play in Cincinnati Ohio.
that should be helpful to BillJ but he hasn't said how many premium channels and premium sports packages he had.
I would gather more than 1 at $160/month (cable TV only).
I feel honored that everyone is actually worried about what I pay...

I actually live in Northern Kentucky... which is about three minutes away from Cincinnati. And those deals you talk about AviTrek are for new subscribers (we see the same thing with our current provider Insight Communications, which we've had for nearly a decade).

And yes I do have more than just a basic cable package. When you have a family with six people with six diverse interests... you have to. Doesn't change the fact that cable goes up at an astronomical rate every year... just got an $18/month ding, without a change in my services. Thank god for deregulation.
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