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Re: Dune Production is In Trouble

Honestly I'm not surprised. A Dune remake was first announced three years ago, and in that time the only real developments were announcing a director, then announcing a replacement director.

I had mixed feeling about a remake anyway. The mini from 2000 is the definitive adaptation of Dune, so I wonder if this would really be necessary. I'm enough of a Dune fan that I would check it out anyway, but then you have the problem that Dune really is a complex novel to adapt. So much so, that a two or three hour movie isn't really enough time to properly serve the story. That's the primary problem the Lynch movie had. The Dune novels need six hour minis to properly tell the story.

And as for the rumour that Duncan Idaho and Gurney Halleck were going to be combined as one character, why and how? Both the Lynch movie and the 200 mini managed to keep them as seperate characters and indeed they are unique characters with their own fates in the novel and subsequent sequels which would be difficult to pull off if they were one. This screams to me of filling the quota requiring a film adaptation to take two of the original novel's characters and merge them into one.
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