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Re: Dune Production is In Trouble

Honestly, I prefer Heratics and Chapterhouse over God Emperor. Partly because I can never recall the sequence of events (despite having read it twice) which leaves me with the impression that not very much actually happens, but mostly because Miles Teg rocks.

I can understand why so few are willing to attempt to adapt GEoD. Though now the technology is finally there that they could pull off Leto's worm body convincingly, it'd still be horrendously expensive as it's in practically every scene. Also, from a marketing standpoint alone I can see it being difficult to sell the idea of a love between a dashing hero, a beautiful woman...and Jabba the Hutt. On paper it works, but on screen...probably not so much.

As for this latest production, I was excited back when Berg was director (having just watched The Kingdom at the time) but watching Hancock rather dulled that enthusiasm. Since he dropped it, it's been pretty clear there's been no evidence of anyone at the project's tiller. If there's one thing that's an absolute MUST for a Dune adaptation it's a strong leader with a VERY firm grip on what they want to achive and how they intend to approach the material.

To do it right they'd need the likes of David Fincher, Ridley Scott, Peter Jackson or James Cameron (yes I know Scott almost took a shot at Dune before ending up on Alien.) By that I mean a director with a firm grounding in the effects side but also for characterization AND a near obsessive attention to detail. I'm not saying those are the only directors that can do it, just that they posses the qualities that would be needed to pull it off.
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