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Re: Dune Production is In Trouble

And I often think I'm alone in the God Emperor of Dune love. The novel is pretty much antithetical to what Hollywood would want from a big budget Dune adaptation, of course, so my estimated date for it being filmed is never.

Realistically I don't think we'll get a film that tops David Lynch's; and that's not even as someone trying to defend Lynch's film as a good movie... it's just a movie willing to take some risks and be a trifle weird in its presentation of this alien environment. Berg's concept was definitely dire (I believe he used the word 'muscular'), but then I heard some vague talk about getting a new director - which is good - and now silence - yeah, less so.

Also, last I heard, Joe Michael Straczynski was writing a film adaptation of Lensman... but I haven't heard squat from that producton in a while either. Lensman lends itself well to Hollywood's purposes, though, certainly.

As far as Hollywood producing original stories and characters, man I wish they did that more often oh hello Avatar didn't see you come in.... Yeah. It's a base they got covered.
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