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Re: Star Trek: Voyager - A Marathon Re-visit.

MANEUVERS - 2x11 - 3/5

This opens quite intensely for once you get a real sense of Voyager being vulnerable (at least for me) for the first time in the series. The ship is easily taken off-guard and boarded with little incident.

That said, any threat you feel from the Kazon is instantly diluted by the fact these are without a doubt the stupidest alien species in the history of Trek, or dare I say, in the history of science fiction. They're irritatingly stupid. So I suppose it's nice to see them being used by Seska.

There's some good interaction between BLT and Chakotay, and I wish the show had more stuff about their Maquis roots and experiences.

This episode is good fun and Chak's personal score with Seska being the core of the drama is solid. Plus the torture scene gives Beltran some acting time - a rare occurance.

Unfortunately I find episodes like this fall a little flat for me as the Kazon really just don't do anything for me. The small amount of depth they were given in "Initiations" isn't really expanded upon and you really get a sense that sometimes they're quickly consulting their "How to be the Bad Guy for Dummies" books whilst no one's looking.

If the Kazon were just plain better, then I would probably have scored this higher but they ruin a lot of the drama and intensity of many scences. The strengths of this episode really just come down to Chakotay and his personal score with Seska.

I noted towards the end of this episode that it really should've been called "Let's Kick Chak in the Balls for 40 minutes."
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