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Re: Dune Production is In Trouble

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Most likely wasn't any demand at all, that doesn't mean studios won't decide to make these things over and over again.
Oh, sure.

But, I feel like they could've gotten something more feature film friendly, like the Lensmen books (I'm just thinking of the first thing...) It's action, sci-fi, not SO known that people would have expectations....

If they really want a sci-fi franchise, there's lots of material out there.
Or, better yet, why not just produce an original story with original characters?
In my opinion Hollywood does too much of its own stuff when it comes to sci-fi and has left so much of the world of sci-fi literature untouched. That includes short stories.

About this new possible Dune movie....I'm currently on Heretics of Dune and now think that I'd prefer they get past the first book, as we've seen that, twice. Though of course they're not going to jump ahead and make a God Emperor of Dune movie. It's just a dream I have.
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