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Re: The Big Bang Theory

Oh good, I didn't want to be the first to say anything negative about this show...lest I come across as a party pooper. For the most part, I liked the first three seasons, but I think the show's recent success has hurt it somewhat. It became a huge ratings winner and was moved to Thursday since that's considered a prestigious prime time slot for a TV show, and I believe this made the show's staff a bit lazier. It was never a very ambitious show in the first place, but I feel season 4 has been a lot more hackneyed than the previous seasons.

The Sheldon robot episode, for example, was one of the worst examples of cliche sitcom crap they've ever done, and really made Sheldon seem Urkelesque. There's also a lot more typical lame sitcom humour recently, and the show's connection to "Two and a Half Men" (a show I despise for its shallowness and sexism) becomes disturbingly obvious at times, with the excessive sex-related humour.

I agree about Wheaton to a degree as well. I like how the show has made him Sheldon's nemesis. It's cool just because of who he is, but his acting is pretty wooden. It's funny how after all these years, even as he sports a beard to look older, he still sounds like Wesley Crusher when he does his line readings. I don't think the guy has a lot of range. I still like the show because unlike "Two and a Half Men", it has characters I find endearing, but I'm disappointed with the drop in quality since the last season.
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