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I got linked this on Facebook by a friend. I see someone linked to it above but didn't really seen any comments on it.

Impressive! The guy's voice will make you want to murder kittens but you've got to admit him building a 1:1 scale of the ship is pretty darn dedicated!
Funny thing is the Wiki for the project links to a thread here at Trekbbs. Unfortunately all it shows is that people here can be kind of snobbish dorks.

Quick question about Minecraft. I've seen the 1st survival video on youtube, how do you know how to make stuff? In the video he says you just put the materials in the shape of what you want and it makes it, but... does it tell you? Or is there like a chart or a recipe list or something? I'm tempted to get in to this, but not sure how much micro-managing or alt-tabbing to gamefaqs I want to do to make a pickaxe or what have you.
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