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Re: Castle: Season 3 (Nathan Fillion, Stana Katic) - Discussion & Spoi

^Actually Castle's question was "What's the weirdest pet you ever had?" Which works even better.

This was a bit predictable. Thanks to the feather and the episode title (actually "Murder Most Fowl"), I figured out pretty quickly that the surveillance gear was for birdwatching.

Nice twist, though, that the murder was solved a third of the way through and the story became about finding the kidnap victim. Though why was that still being handled by the homicide detectives?

At least the "home life" subplot wasn't as predictable as I thought. As soon as Alexis said she was taking care of her boyfriend's precious pet rat, I expected the rat to be dead by the next scene in the subplot. Instead it just escaped and she was searching for it. So not what I predicted, which is good, but as usual this season, far too blatant a parallel with the detective plot, which is bad.

And what's with Castle saying the kid is only a little younger than Alexis? He's 12. She's at least 17 by now. I know, parents tend to see their kids as babies forever, yada yada, but it felt like a reach. And Alexis deserves better.

I did like the acknowledgment that "zoom and enhance" doesn't magically bring out detail that wasn't in the original image. Although I have the impression this show has already used that gimmick in some past episode, and it did work there.
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