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Dune Production is In Trouble

I've had a bad feeling about this project since it was first announced a year or two ago and I don't think it will ever get off the ground. We've had no casting news from it and now it seems they're running out of time before the rights revert. I read a few months ago Josh Zetumer's treatment for the film (he wrote the first draft of the script which was reportedly a whopping 175 pages) and combined the characters of Gurney and Duncan together. I hated it if only for that reason. The concept art for the Berg production was released a few months ago as well and looked horrible. I really don't think this movie will be made. I'd much prefer an adaption of "God Emperor of Dune" which is my favorite book and something that was about to happen at SyFy but they axed the project when they told John Harrision they didn't have the budget for another film.
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