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Robert Maxwell wrote: View Post
Wow. I think I'll stay out of MP for the time being, then. I don't even want to think about investing time into it if some dipshit is just going to fuck it up.
It's not so bad, just don't build near the spawn point. Most of the tall/fantastical buildings are built near the spawn, so griefers tend to stay in that area. I just walked down the road for a minute or two and built there, griefers tend not to go that far. During a major griefing session that left the Sky City looking like a warzone, all I lost was a single window.

froot wrote: View Post
TheGodBen, that server sounds suspiciously like the one griefed all to heck in this set of videos:
Nah, I don't think that's the server, there's very little snow on the server I'm on, and I haven't seen a single ice block yet. Sky Cities must be really common.

Either way, I've been avoiding SMP for that reason, myself. I'd love to build with other people, yet I don't trust anyone! Heck, I let my husband wander around my single player base the other day, and the first thing the man did was walk up and break one of my windows!

Luckily, most people online know how much work goes into making these structures, so they'll obey the rules of common decency. The griefers are just idiots that like to make trouble.

Also, do you guys do YouTube? I like seeing what people make - you should fraps your cool stuff and post a link!
I might if I can find a free alternative to Fraps that works well, but I don't have anything too impressive. I'm pleased with my mountain base and working portal network, but they're nothing to write home about.
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