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Re: Back to the Future 25th Anv. Trilogy on Blu-ray Oct 2010

It was great seeing the movie in theaters. This was a first for me. It's so... It's so... ...big.

I don't think I'll get the new DVDs. I was very tempted but I don't really like the packaging. The only thing that might persuade me is if they had a bunch of Eric Stoltz scenes on the bonus features.

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And why, why, why would the UK get this set over America?

Not to go all nationalist here but, dammit, the movie is an American movie. So why does the UK get the better set and, not only that, the earlier release date for both the set and the theatrical re-release?
The U.K. has always had a peculiarly strong relationship with Back to the Future. All of the bogus rumors for Back to the Future, Part IV originate in the U.K. I don't know why.

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There's some new cast and crew interviews and the addition of The Ride aspects. (The History of the Future Museum stuff and the ride itself.)
These features were also added on the individual 2-disc version of Part I that came out last year. I have such fond memories of The Ride that I couldn't resist that version, even though I already had the first trilogy set from 2002.
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