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Re: Would it really matter if the next Trek series were on linear TV?

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Actually my cable bill is $240/month after you add in phone/internet. My $2500 spent on Star Trek is what I paid for them.

A lot of it is my own fault for liking Star Trek and supporting the property over the years. Like alot of other fans I'm to the point of not enjoying getting soaked.

Enjoy your Hulu right now... as soon as it begins to cut into network/cable viewership, you'll see caps on how much streaming you can do in a given month.

I actually already have Netflix and its' subpar collection of streaming material.
Wow, where you getting Cable from that it's $160 for cable alone, and $240 in total? Most companies are offering triple plays for ~100. Throw in a DVR and some premium channels and I can see getting to $160 for all three. Where is your extra $80 going? Maybe it's time to investigate other cable alternatives instead of bashing CBS/Paramount for wanting to make money.
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