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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

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^Huh? Are you referring to Routh? Superman spoke to Lois. He spoke to Luthor. He spoke to Jason. He spoke to Richard. Clark had most of the speaking lines. I'm fine with that.
He spoke in a monotone. I believe Singer was afraid to actually let him act, to let him seize the role. I mean, he really didn't speak much throughout the film, and, when he did, you could barely hear him.

Many scenes he didn't speak.

And he had no emotion at all, unless brooding can be considered an emotion.

Reeve was, to be sure, perfect. He brought so much to the role, pride, resoluteness, power, concern, and dignity. I loved how he acted by not speaking; when faced with a new crisis, you can see him thinking about how to solve it.
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