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Re: A Brand New Day Has Passed...It's time For Peter to hit the Big Ti

so, forgive me in advance for my noobish knowledge of spider-man... why bother with continuity? why not just go the Simpsons route and lock Parker in at age XX and his world never really advances unless the story demands it? hell, you could do two books, one where continuity is "tight" (as is the case now) and one where it's just stories and adventures, continuity only carries forward in a specific arc.

it seems like marvel is trying to have their cake and eat it to, they want continuity but they want things to stay the same... but really if spider-man has been around for 50 years skirting around the issue, it seems to do a disservice to both ways of telling a story.

i get into comics about every 5 years or so. when i am not big into collecting (like now) i just pick up the trades that are supposed to be REALLY good (so maybe one a year) or the stories with a definitive end point (like Y-The Last Man or Ex-Machina). i'd love more one offs of the major heroes, stories where i dont feel like i am already 40 years behind the curve.
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