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Re: Some speculation about the Romulans and the Borg invasion

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Folks, let's keep in mind what the subject matter of this thread and this forum are supposed to be. If you want to debate the specifics of the 2009 Star Trek film for the fifty gazillionth time, there is an appropriate forum for that elsewhere on the TrekBBS. This is the Literature forum and the topic of the thread is about the Romulans' role in the Lit-verse in the wake of Destiny.
OK, sorry.

So. The two Romulan states may have gotten off relatively lightly compared to the Federation because the Federation core worlds were the main targets of the Borg invaders, and plausibly even relatively lightly compared to the Klingons because of the use of the numerous metaweapons that the Romulans have built and deployed whenever possible. Subspace weapons and thalaron projectors would be likely. The Romulans have probably taken note of what happened with the Tomed, and suicide runs into Borg cubes or nearby objects at warp speed could take care. The Phoenix class of Romulan starships described in the game Star Trek Armada--doomsday weapons to be used only if Romulan civilization was threatened, ships that would rip the fabric of space-time--would be used, et cetera.

If a relatively successful Romulan defense against the Borg in 2381 was based substantially on the use of metaweapons, what would the reaction of Romulan neighbours be? Presumably many of these weapons would be barred by interstellar treaty. How would the Federation and the Klingons react to the fact that the Romulans have been stockpiling these weapons anyway?

The relative impact of the Borg invasion on the two Romulan states is also worth noting. Judging by the indications we've gotten about the borders of the RSE and the IRS, a case could be made that the RSE was substantially more exposed to the Borg than the IRS. If--my guess from the maps provided earlier--a quarter of RSE space was wrecked, versus a smaller fraction of IRS space, the RSE economy would be faring even worse than before. Might RSE:North Korea::IRS:South Korea?

The division of the RSE into two successor states might also reflect long-standing cultural divisions within a Romulan civilization that's relatively diverse even if we're talking about the Romulans of Vulcan background, never mind the various subject species. The RSE Romulans might be more conservative and xenophobic, as a rule, than the IRS Romulans.

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