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The Long, Twilight Duet.

And so it begins...

In the unnameable reaches of existence, in the depths of creation and the ever changing arena of time, They dwelt. Unlike anything before or since, majestic in Their terrible power and horrific glory the Eldritch beings passed the eons in ways beyond all understanding and hope of mere contemplation.
And yet, for lack of a better term, They were bored and now decided to play with the fates of two obscure universes...

Gul Skrain Dukat walked the fore corridor of the Galor class attack vessel Parkesh, headed for the central command deck with rather mixed feelings. To think that we once ruled unchallenged across this part of the galaxy with every world that we saw shaking in fear of the Union. Now we are reduced to bargaining with the humans and their lackeys. Such was the resentment boiling away in the Gul that it shone through his normally impassive and proper Cardassian mien, to the extent that several crew members, upon espying the commander, swiftly scurried out of his path.

That brought an amused smile to the face of Dukat as he entered the hub of this mighty vessel. He marched up to the imposing throne sited at the centre of the busy bridge and, after a quick glance at the proud sigil of his empire, turned to the most senior officer for a status report. “Glinn Ketor what is our ETA in the Bajor system?”

The seasoned solider turned to face his leader. “My Gul, we shall arrive at Terok Nor in thirty metrics.” Gul Dukat was pleased with this news. “Excellent, I have to confess to a certain anticipation in our new mission, we will show those weak willed humans and the ungrateful Bajorian...”

However the universe had other plans for Dukat and his entire race, plans that would forever alter the fates of two unconnected galaxies. A new age would dawn both dark and glorious and its ultimate end could only be told by the mad and the deranged lords of time and space who sat in their sanctuary and watched...

Dukat paused in mid stream as he felt a weird sensation beyond all comparison grasp his entire body and mind in a fearsome hold that threatened to destroy his sanity and cast him into a bleak numbness. Just as he opened his month to scream and curse his fate, the whole of reality seemed to shift and Skrain Dukat found himself and his crew dropped back into normality.

“Report” croaked the stunned Gul, unable to believe what had just happened. The Gorr at the sensor station blinked rapidly trying to overcome his shock and report the rather stunning news that the Parkesh had gathered.

“Sir, I have received a standard distress signal from CC on Prime ordering all ships and other military assets to report back immediately and confirm their location, which I have done.”

“Good” said Dukat smoothly “and what exactly IS our current location?”
The younger officer forced back a gulp at the thought of what this rather odd news that he would report could mean for his credibility and career. “We should be in the Bajor system on approach to the Federation starbase but...”

“I take it that our circumstances have changed somewhat?” interrupted the Gul in a low and deceptively calm tone.

“Yes sir, we seem to be in an unknown star system with no sign of either Terok Nor or Bajor itself. I cannot ascertain the location of anything from that system” He gulped audibly and delivered the coup that would astound everyone. “And that is not the only thing, my long range scans can detect no sign of Startfleet, Ferengi or klingon activity for light years, far into the depths of what should be their territories. What’s more, although the Union is whole, none of the surrounding worlds are recognisable. We seem to be alone out here.”

A horrible silence fell across the bridge as everyone contemplated this startling news. It was soundly and suddenly broken by a loud shout that bespoke angry dismay.


A few hours had passed since the rather abrupt change in Cardassia’s fortunes and the Pakesh had remained at a dead stop whilst communications with Central Command was restored. At the present time no one at any level had the slightest notion of what had occurred and what this meant for the Union as a whole. However, there was some rather good news for the Cardassians.

It hung in space like a beautiful marble, large green-brown continents surrounded by lush azure oceans with a sparkling clean atmosphere that denied any industrial contamination or natural pollutant. So magnificent was this gem that even the hardboiled officers of the battlecruiser where moved. But it was the analysis of the world’s resources and population that would excite interest.

“It is perfect, practically swarming with abundant natural resources including dilithium, Ores and so much more. As for the natives, they are preindustrial and at this time engaged in several conflicts between each other using primitive hand weaponry. An easy target.”

A sinister smirk crept over the face of Dukat and most of the crew as he turned toward the commutations officer; “establish contract with the Central Command and request an expeditionary force be assembled at once! We have much work ahead of us my soldiers.”

The cry went up instinctively from the throats of the entire crew, a cry that would cause terror and chaos throughout the reach of this unfortunate Galaxy.

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