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Re: AMC's The Walking Dead Season 1 Discussion & Spoilers

I liked the episode. I felt it maintained the pacing of the first episode and it had some great, tender character moments. The scene with Rick and Andrea was really touching and the moment where Rick remembers Wayne the zombie was really affecting in my opinion.

Plus you had some great suspenseful moments like when Rick and Glenn walk amongst the zombies or when Rick is trying to save the remaining survivors (which oddly enough reminded me of a similar scene in the Dawn of the Dead remake, however with a bit of a reversal: instead of breaking into the enclosed space, they are trying to break out of it).

However, it might not have been as strong as the first episode but I was thoroughly entertained and I really look forward to the next episode. They can't maintain a pulsating sense of excitement with every episode, and there are going to be episodes that are quieter and more meditative, but I thought this one was adequately suspenseful and yet still had some of the quieter moments of the first episode.
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