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Re: Favorite Voyager Videos

That was sweet of you to link it! Also, JR, I love that scene you wrote! ^

When I tried uploading the original, the audio was removed immediately - I really should have tested for that before I made it! Sometimes a flagged song will simply be blocked in some areas or be fettered with ads, and sometimes the audio just gets stripped straight off the bat. It's an automatic system, and the consequences depend on what entity owns the rights to the music.

I switched the audio for YouTube, but I added a link in the description to the one with the song JR requested, which fits a lot better. Yahoo! video did not remove the audio.

I could have pitch-shifted the song, but it really ruins the fidelity of the music, imo.

YouTube doesn't usually flag E.S. Posthumus songs, so I went with the safe bet.
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