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Re: A Brand New Day Has Passed...It's time For Peter to hit the Big Ti

I've been reading through some of the old trades recently, including One More Day. Maybe it's because I've never bought into Christianity, but I just can't get worked up about Peter making a deal with 'the devil' (or rather, 'a devil', as the Marvel U seems to have many) the way other people here do. Spider-Man has collaborated with his foes when necessity dictated; I don't see him dealing with Mephisto as particularly different from those other instances.

What was far more offensive, to me, was the way Peter visiting all the people who should have been able to save Aunt May easily yet somehow couldn't just showed up the lazy, outcome-driven plotting and disregard for their own world-building. It was astoundingly forced and ham-handed. It would have been better if, instead of having Aunt May languish in a hospital for weeks during which any number of characters could have come to her aid, the bullet had hit something immediately critical--that is to say, she'd be dead within minutes--then Mephisto appears and demands that Peter and Mary Jane make a decision then and there, in the heat of the moment. It would have made more sense, I think, both from the perspective of characterization (Peter, not big with the foresight, makes 'bad' spur-of-the-moment decisions all the time) and setting (because then there would have legitimately been no other way of saving Aunt May). I wonder if they tried to draw it out in order to milk the 'event,' to the detriment of the internal logic.

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