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Re: Zack Snyder will direct SUPERMAN

Bryan Singer talks Zack Snyder and the Superman reboot.

"At the time I left, it would be more odd than it is now. Because it's been four years, my brain is so occupied. I'm sort of like a tennis ball - I bounced from the X-Men to Superman and back to X-Men so I've been in that world a while, and then I'm doing this other film (Jack the Giant Killer) at Warners, which is where I did Superman Returns, so I'm with the same people. So now it (the new Superman film) makes sense. It's a movie I would want to see, I think Zack's so talented and I applaud Warner and Legendary for choosing somebody who's a filmmaker and not necessarily just a shooter. It's Superman, it's gonna be made over and over in one form or another, and I'm sure Zack won't be the last person to touch it either, so in a way it's not in my mind any more. It would have been two and a half years ago."

Interesting that Singer makes it sound like he willingly left when from what I understood, WB just decided to not go with a sequel for Superman Returns. I guess appearing like you left makes for better appearances than saying that you were not hired to return.
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