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Re: Some speculation about the Romulans and the Borg invasion

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In star trek XI, Nero said he is the last of the romulan empire.

Spock said there are only 10000 vulcans left, that the vulcans are an endangered species.
At the end of the movie, it is, again, established that the vulcans are experiencing a crisis due to severely limited numbers - which is not consistent with hundreds of millions of vulcans living in off-world colonies.
And not consistent with the existence of billions of Romulans, Vulcans but for political naming conventions.

Reducing the Vulcan population of Vulcan cultural background from (say) 5 billion down to 50 million--a drop of 99%--would certainly threaten the survival of this culturally distinctive group.

Besides, the people who wrote the movie said that the ten thousand figure relates to the people living on Vulcan itself. What more needs to be said?

About the rihannsu novels - it is pretty much the same situation.
The rihannsu novels - most of the events depicted therein - do not fit the main trek lit conntinuity, they were not intended to fit this main lit continuity
Agreed. That's why I wrote that I consider the Rihannsu novels as relevant to the novelverse, canonical except where they can't be.

There's numerous references made to the Romulans as Rihannsu in the novelverse. Leaving aside the inclusion of the Rihannsu in the earlier generation of novels, particularly but perhaps not only in the novels of Margaret Wander Bonnano and Carolyn Clewes, the new integrated novelverse makes numerous explicit references to Duane's novels. The colony world of Artaleirh introduced in detail in The Empty Chair is visited in A Singular Destiny a generation later; the telecapture technology used by the Romulan colonials in the Civil War is directly connected to the telecapture technology used by the RSE at the beginning of the Romulan War; in one of the alt-hist novellas, a Romulan senator mentions how Empress Ael is disturbed by the Federation use of a Genesis Device on Praxis. The Rihannsu language is used in the novelverse when Romulans are shown talking, and name formation is clearly Rihannsu--Admiral Valdore's full name is given as Valdore i'Kaleh tr'Ihaimehn, as Rihannsu a name as ever there was one. Most of the new novels even explicitly credit the Rihannsu novels in their neat bibliographies.

The romulans being friendly with the federation?
In star trek V, it was obvious nobody cared about the "planet of galactic peace".
In star trek VI, the romulans were a part of the plot to kill the federation president.
This so-called 'friendship' was pretty superficial - more like a frozen war.
Starfleet was involved in the plot to kill the Federation president.

If we're assuming implacable hostility, there's still the question of why Nanclus was president at this briefing. If you represent a determinedly hostile power, one that made concerted efforts to conquer the core worlds of your neighbour a century ago and has since made numerous raids and petty attacks on the neighbour, why would you be invited in on a top-secret briefing showing how your neighbour's military is going to engage in the snatch-and-grab raid on the homeworld of another power? Keep in mind that the Romulans and Klingons had an alliance for some time, and it would surely be easy for the Romulans to send the information over.

Why would the Romulan ambassador be present? Assuming that the Federation isn't run by stupid people, the simplest explanation seems to be that the Romulans are close enough to the Federation to be trusted with highly sensitive information as it's being briefed to the Federation president.

Many on this forum try to interpret the rihannsu books as being part of the main trek lit continuity - and, inevitably, their interpretations are forced, they never quite manage to reconcile two different continuities; fuzzy logic and hand waving abound.
As I said, they aren't fully compatible. That hasn't stopped numerous usable elements of the Rihannsu novels from being incorporated into the new novelverse, they and their author being explicitly credited in numerous novels.

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